90 days can dramatically improve your life.

We fail to succeed far too frequently while succeeding in failing. We consider reaching a goal, but our planning and performance fall short. We become frustrated and dejected when there are too many jobs that remain unfinished. We would like to accomplish more, but our past mistakes haunt us. How can we regain control, make a bad situation better, and restart our lives?

The solution lies in implementing a novel strategy — a 90-day plan to transform your life. In order to be in charge and prepared for success this time, you must work harder, be smarter, and build a cogent strategy. Obviously easier said than done, but absolutely possible.

Why 90 days? because it is the perfect length of time to do a task. You have a three-month window to plan and carry out your mission.

What Do I Do?

There are five essential points to remember when targeting your goal/s:

  1. Set specific goals
  2. Make sure they are actionable
  3. They must be attainable
  4. Write them down
  5. Have a deadline

You are the Master of Your Destiny

With those recommendations, you are well on your way to achieving your objective. However, let’s look a little further to see how you might raise your odds of success.

  • Limit your goals — Your target for the upcoming 90 days should be one significant objective. Anything else will cause you to lose concentration and get distracted.
  • Define your mission — Be clear about the goals you have in mind.
  • Draw up a plan — Outline how you expect to succeed.
  • Divide your plan into tasks — This divides the task into manageable pieces, and as you complete each one, you’ll feel better about yourself and get momentum. Avoid creating too many tasks, because the dreadful phrase “lost focus” can appear.
  • List your priorities — This is an essential guide map to success. Make a list and do not deviate from it.
  • Stay focused —Don’t let other tasks or people divert your attention. This strategy, which covers the following 90 days, demands your undivided attention.
  • Manage your time — Not 89, 77, or 66 days, but 90. Each day is valuable, and none should be wasted. Although 90 days may seem like a long time, time passes by rather quickly. Each task needs to be included in your time management strategy.

Failure Is Not Part of Your Vocabulary

I could have struggled with failure fear in the past. Maybe you’ve had a couple of unpleasant experiences. This instance is unique. You have identified your objective, divided it into doable steps, and established clear priorities and a well-organized schedule. As the leader, what could possibly go wrong? Most importantly, you have a strong desire to accomplish and a defined goal. Because you are in command, failure is just not an option.

As excellently stated by Denis Waitley: “The majority of people never achieve their goals because they never define them or take them seriously as attainable or believable. Winners are able to explain their plans, including where they are going, what they intend to do there, and who they will be travelling with.”

Keep in mind that you want to be the winner. If you remain committed to your goals and do not let outside influences or your own loss of control deter you, you will succeed.


You must work hard to achieve success. According to Booker T. Washington: “By the challenges you overcame to achieve your objectives, you evaluate the size of the accomplishment.”

If your objective is clear, you have goals that you stick to, and you’re willing to take action on your timeline, you can alter your life in those 90 days. You are capable of doing it.



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