How to use Rescuetime 2022

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I’m going to presume you just want to track your work hours. As a result, any time spent in Rescuetime is work-related, whereas non-work time (such as errands, lunch, or sports) is referred to as ‘off-line time.’ I understand that some people want to track their personal time as well, but Rescuetime isn’t the right tool for that. It’s largely useful for keeping track of your digital activities.

  • Set up a few general work-related activities that are not done behind your computer under Settings — Monitoring. Rescuetime will ask you to fill these out when you’ve been away from your computer for a while. Again, I only put in work-related things here; if I was away doing non-work I click the button ‘don’t log this time’. I have Meetings, Testing (experiments), lectures, work@home, and work other.
  • Ignore it for the first 2 days, just let it run in the background.
  • Go into ‘Categorize activities’. Although I don’t particularly care about categories, it is here that you fine-tune Rescuetime’s own assessment of what software and websites are productive, and which are not. Think about it this way: what should you be spending more time on, and what should you be spending less time on? I want to spend as little time as possible on an e-mail I can, so I set that to ‘-1′ (even though it can be productive).
  • After some more days, start checking the productivity and procrastination phases of your day, and plan work to maximize productivity.

Using Rescuetime with multiple desktops

Desktops, a Sysinternals application that allows you to easily switch between numerous desktops, is one of my favorites. This is especially beneficial when you don’t want to be distracted, for as by e-mail pop-ups or running Matlab processes.



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