Why Productivity Is the Secret to a Successful, Happy, and Healthy Life

Being productive gives you purpose.

Even if you do not adhere to the Ten Commandments, you can still adhere to the ten items on your to-do list.

Being productive keeps your mind active.

A happy mind is a busy mind. There is no time for bad thoughts when one is busy. When you are learning Photoshop, you are not considering Phil.

Being productive can increase your quality of life.

People will notice when you wear your enthusiasm like perfume, even your employer. Being motivated is necessary to earn raises and promotions.

Being productive can improve your mood.

For some people, productivity means different things. For some, it entails checking off bucket-list items by traveling to desired locations. Some people compare it to exercising.

Being productive helps you evolve.

Being productive teaches you to challenge yourself all the time. And the easier it is to develop into a better version of yourself, the more productive you are. Being productive can also easily result in the development of improved habits because things in action prefer to stay in motion (thanks, Newton!).

Being productive motivates the people around you.

You inspire people when you inspire yourself.



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